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The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit
The most complete resource for finding your next roommate

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The Challenge: How to Find a Roommate . . . Safely
The cost of housing is through the roof. Living alone would mean either living in a dump, or working two jobs – leaving you with no time to enjoy your nice place to live. There’s an easy solution – get a roommate.
But it isn’t that simple! We all know someone who’s had bad experiences with roommates in the past – or we’ve had those experiences ourselves. Let’s face it, it’s no fun to have a roommate who’s partying until dawn every night when we want to sleep – or one who insists on absolute silence after 9 PM. Roommates who won’t pay their bills, roommates who can’t hold a job, roommates who bring sketchy people home with them, roommates who raid your side of the refrigerator…whether it’s a nuisance or a safety risk or an absolute disaster, a bad roommate makes for a bad life. And who needs that?
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The Solution
Fortunately, there’s a solution. The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit will help you find a roommate who you’re compatible with. More than that, the toolkit will save you from common, expensive, and DANGEROUS mistakes that people in your situation often make! Having a roommate should be a fun and rewarding experience – not a stressful disaster. The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit gives you the tools and the tips you need to make that fun and rewarding experience happen. It’s chock-full of advice on what you should be looking for in a roommate, what to do if things go wrong, where to look for roommates, how to get the most out of the roommate experience, and much, much more!
Overcoming the Most Common Challenges
The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit was written and created to prevent some common and not so uncommon errors when opening your home to strangers. Listed below is a sampling of items you'll find covered in The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit.
Is living with a friend a good idea or a disaster in the making?
  The Pros and Cons of living with a friend along with 17 tips on how to make it work.
What is the best way to find a roommate?
  9 of the best ways to find your ideal roommate . . . 5 of them you can do completely free.
How can I save money living with a roommate?
  17 money saving tips and benefits for living with a roommate.
  We give you 9 ways you can live for free with a roommate.
How do I choose the right roommate?
  A 14 point checklist when deciding the Most Important Factors for you when choosing your new roommate
  Important screening considerations and interview techniques
What do I do when things go bad?
  Top 10 problems roommates have
  8 tips for handling "roommates from hell" and how to get rid of them
  6 strategies for repairing any damage done
What documents and agreements do I need?
  11 forms and agreements
  6 useful checklists and worksheets
  How to create Rules to Live By that really work
How do I protect myself with leases, rents and shared bills?
  5 things you need to know when working with your landlord
  A complete checklist of items you need to consider before moving in
  Top 10 reasons why roommates and bills don't mix and how to overcome them all
Are there any special considerations living with College roommates?
  39 ways to get along with your College roommate
  14 special considerations for Dormmates
What can I do when pets are involved?
  11 key points when accepting pets into your home
  4 of the best strategies for finding pet friendly housing
What should I know if I have kids and need to find a roommate?
  Special screening considerations when opening your home to strangers
  6 key benefits for adding a roommate
  5 common problems when kids are involved and how to overcome them
How can my roommate and I find a place together?
  11 free options for finding a place together
  12 Apartment Hunting tips for getting the best price and finding your place fast
  Tools and resources to decide which neighborhood is best for you
Is there any help or things I should know when moving?
  Pros and Cons of hiring pros or doing it yourself
  15 questions to make sure your moving company's policies, procedures and standards will protect you from an unpleasant moving experience
  Moving, planning and packing tips to save time and money

1. Are You Ready for a Roommate
2. How to Find a Good Roommate . . . Safely
3. The Roommate Selection Process
4. Roommates and Rent; How to Protect Yourself
5. Paying Bills with
6. Living with a Roommate; Making it All Work
7. What to Do When it Goes Bad
8. Just for College Students
9. Kids and Pets; Special Circumstances
10. Finding a Place to Rent with Others
11. The Move; Planning, Packing and Paying for Your Relocation
12. Forms, Checklists and Agreements
View Detailed Table of Contents
  The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit contains several useful forms and checklists including:  
Moving Checklist
Move-in Inspection Checklist
Inventory Checklist
Reservation Deposit Receipt
Consent to Sublease
Roommate Application
Roommate Agreement
Rental Agreement
Pet Agreement
Pet Lease Addendum
Budget and Expense Worksheet
Tenant’s Termination Notice
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
30 Day Notice to Vacate
Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property

By purchasing The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit we offer 2 special bonuses:

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We will extend our Compatibility Guarantee to a full 90 days...that's an additional 60 days over our standard guarantee.

2. FREE Move Planner
We'll give you our Move Planner free with your Toolkit purchase.

  The Ultimate Roommate Toolkit was co-authored by two leading industry experts.  
  Rick Ellis is recognized as an industry expert in apartment marketing, property positioning, and evaluation of rental markets and sub-markets throughout the country.  
  Steve Oehlerking has over 17 years experience as an owner and operator of a Roommate Matching Service as well as the largest Apartment Locator Service in Florida.  
  Copyright, 2005
MYM Solutions, Inc.

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