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Your Personalized Neighborhood Search Engine: Focus your House Hunt


Get matched to your ideal neighborhood based on the criteria you choose, and see home listings now! To start your neighborhood search, please click on a selection below.

Families with Children
Find neighborhoods that combine good schools, reasonable prices, and a family-friendly environment.
Retirement Dream Areas
Find the top choices and best values in any area of America.
New Home Communities
Search for newly constructed homes and communities.
First-Time Homebuyers
Uncover neighborhoods in your area that provide the best combination of price, convenience, and quality.
Luxury Communities
Uncover premium areas in which to live or invest.
Great Deals on Great Towns
Discover neighborhoods that offer premium qualities without the high prices.
Vacation Home Locations
Discover hidden gems that offer great living, and a sound investment.
Learn All About a Secific Neighborhood
Considering a property? Get an objective profile of the neighborhood before you make an offer.

Route 121 has partnered with Neighborhood Scout to bring you these powerful Neighborhood Searching tools.

Neighborhood Scout is a professional neighborhood matching service which couples new technologies with PhD-level geographic expertise to serve the location selection needs of employees, families, and businesses. Neighborhood Scout allows you to instantly find the neighborhoods that are best for you - based on your own personal criteria - whether you are moving across town or across the country.

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