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Need a great apartment? Route 121 specialists can help you use our online apartment-search services, or we’ll provide one-on-one, full-service apartment finding assistance. Buying a new home? Our specialists will match you with the right agent or builder for your individual needs. Call us or submit the information on this page and your Route 121 specialist will help you find your ideal apartment or your dream home . . . for free. You can even interact with your personal specialist online!

We’ll Find the Hottest Specials & Cash Rebates
We constantly search for unadvertised savings like cash discounts, rebates, bonuses, and move-in specials. Home buyers can save thousands on home prices, closing costs, or agent fees. Our average apartment rental client saves $600 through specials like $0 deposit, $0 application fees, and up to three months free rent. We’ll make sure you get the best deal possible, and with deals you would probably have missed on your own.

What's the Catch?
There is none. Route 121 fees are paid by apartment communities seeking ideal residents for their properties. Apartment seekers pay no additional fees and incur no additional costs for utilizing this free apartment-finding service.

For homes it's simple; buy or sell your home with a Route 121 network agent and we'll send you a check. Some "Internet" companies offer cash rebates to buy or sell through them, which sounds enticing . . . BUT you get NO SERVICE. We offer the cash rebate with full service - why take the risk? Buying a new home is one of the most important investments in your life. DON'T DO IT ALONE!

Talk LIVE with a Route 121 Specialist
Need more assistance? We’ll help you through the entire process. At any time in the process you can talk to your personal Route 121 specialist for help or guidance. To talk to a specialist and get started now, Click Here.

Get started now with our Free Assistance for all of your relocating and moving needs.

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