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See Homes with a Top Realtor
Buy or sell with Route 121 and we'll send you a check


  Connect with a top local realtor to see homes. Route 121 provides you with a dedicated personal consultant who makes sure your home purchase goes smoothly, and matches you with a top Realtor based on your personal needs, price, and chosen location. Buy or sell with an agent through Route 121 and we'll send you a check. In order for us to match you with the best possible agent, we'll need:

1. Brief Personal Information
2. Desired Property information

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How It Works
1.  Your Personal Route 121 Consultant calls you within 3 business hours to confirm your home purchase needs and neighborhood requirements.

2. Your Consultant connects you with a pre-screened Realtor based on your requirements. Your Realtor will call you to set up times to start seeing homes.

3. Your Consultant is your personal guide, working with you to make sure your Realtor takes good care of you, and your home purchase is a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What's the catch?
There is none. Buy or sell with an agent we introduce you to and we'll send you a check.

Q:Why should I use this service?
Because we'll find you an agent based on your specific needs, and send you a check after the closing!

Q:Do I have to use the agent that you match me with?
No. However, in order to receive a check, you must use an agent introduced to you through our service.

Q:Will filling out this form allow me to see home listings?
No and yes. Route 121 doesn't contain home listings. However, if you are at the point in your search where you are ready to start working with one of our top prescreened realtors, he or she will be able to send you listings and begin showing you properties right away.

More FAQ's

Privacy: We take steps to insure the protection of you personal information. All information in the fields below will be used solely to help you find an agent. Route 121's Privacy Policy.

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